Research Institute of Prof. Xi
Logo Professor Research

The logo was designed by all members on the fifth anniversary of Xi group in April, 2003.

The logo is composed of the characters in the outer circle and a pair of scissors in the center. "PKU Xi Group" and "1998.4" in the outer circle show that Xi group at College of Chemistry of Peking University was established in April, 1998; "CHEM IS TRY" means chemistry, while hints that chemistry is an experimental science.  

1998 ~ 1999 Associate professor, Peking University
1997 ~ 1998  Assistant professor, Hokkaido University, Japan
1996 ~ 1997  Postdoctoral fellow, Hokkaido University, Japan
1993 ~ 1996  Ph. D., Institute for Molecular Science (IMS), Japan
1987 ~ 1989  M. S., Nanjing University & Zhengzhou University & Henan Institute of Chemistry



Our aim is to develop new synthetic methodologies based on selective cleavage and applications of C–H, C–C and C–X bonds mediated or catalyzed by organometallic compounds in the hope of finding new-generation material transformations. Six projects are in progress: