Limin Qi


Physical Chemistry:
Colloid and Interface Chemistry
Nanomaterials and Biomimetic Materials Chemistry



Academic Career:
B.Sc., 1990, Peking Univ.; M.Sc., 1993, Peking Univ.; Ph.D., 1998, Peking Univ.
Postdoctoral Fellow, 1998-2000, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany
Associate Professor, 2000-2004, College of Chemistry, Peking University
Professor, 2004, College of Chemistry, Peking University

Awards & Honors:
Award for National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of China (2000)
Outstanding Young Chemist Award of Chinese Chemical Society (2003)
National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (2003)
The First Rank Award for Excellent Young Teachers in Universities by Fok Ying Tong Education Foundation (2004)
Beijing "May 4th" Medal (2006)

Supervisor of a nominated dissertation for the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations of China (2012)

Professional Activities:
Associated Editor of
ACS Applied Nano Materials (2018-)

Associated Editor of Science Bulletin (2014-2017)

Editorial Board Member of Chinese Science Bulletin (2005-)

Editorial Board Member of Chinese Journal of Chemistry (2007-2017)

Advisory Board Member of Advanced Functional Materials (2005-)

Advisory Board Member of ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2011-2017)

Teaching Courses: Physical Chemistry (II), Colloid Chemistry.

Research Fields and Interests£º
Our research work is focused on the controlled synthesis and hierarchical assembly of inorganic micro- and nanostructures by colloidal chemical methods as well as bio-inspired routes, which is aimed to explore facile, efficient, and environmentally benign routes toward novel functional materials with tailored composition, size, morphology, and architecture. Current research topics include:
1. Colloidal chemical approaches to morphology-controlled inorganic micro- and nanostructures.
2. Controlled assembly of colloidal nanoparticles and fabrication of colloidal crystal-based nanomaterials.
3. Application of inorganic micro- and nanomaterials in energy conversion and storage.
4. Biomineralization and biomimetic materials chemistry.

Au nanoarrows

Nanoporous TiO2 mesocrystals

Li4Ti5O12 nanosheet arrays

Perovskite nanonets


Selected Publications£º

  1. Qian Wang, Zongpeng Wang, Zhe Li, Junyan Xiao, Hangyong Shan, Zheyu Fang, Limin Qi,* ¡°Controlled growth and shape-directed self-assembly of gold nanoarrows¡±, Sci. Adv. 2017, 3, e1701183.
  2. Wenhui Wang, Yurong Ma, Limin Qi,* ¡°High-performance photodetectors based on organometal halide perovskite nanonets¡±, Adv. Funct. Mater. 2017, 27, 1603653.
  3. Shuai Chen, Yuelong Xin, Yiyang Zhou, Yurong Ma, Henghui Zhou,* Limin Qi,* ¡°Self-supported Li4Ti5O12 nanosheet arrays for lithium ion batteries with excellent rate capability and ultralong cycle life¡±, Energy Environ. Sci. 2014, 7, 1924. (cover)
  4. Jinguang Cai, Jianfeng Ye, Suyue Chen, Xiaowei Zhao, Dayong Zhang, Shuai Chen, Yurong Ma, Song Jin,* Limin Qi,* ¡°Self-cleaning, broadband and quasi-omnidirectional antireflective structures based on mesocrystalline rutile TiO2 nanorod arrays¡±, Energy Environ. Sci. 2012, 5, 7575.
  5. Xiaozhou Ye, Limin Qi,* ¡°Two-dimensionally patterned nanostructures based on monolayer colloidal crystals: Controllable fabrication, assembly, and applications¡±, Nano Today 2011, 6, 608.
  6. Jianfeng Ye, Wen Liu, Jinguang Cai, Shuai Chen, Xiaowei Zhao, Henghui Zhou, Limin Qi,* ¡°Nanoporous anatase TiO2 mesocrystals: additive-free synthesis, remarkable crystalline-phase stability, and improved lithium insertion behavior¡±, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 933.
  7. Taiji Zhang, Yurong Ma,* Kai Chen, Martin Kunz, Nobumichi Tamura, Ming Qiang, Jun Xu, Limin Qi,* ¡°Structure and mechanical properties of a pteropod shell consisting of interlocked helical aragonite nanofibers¡±, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011, 50, 10361.
  8. Xiaowei Zhao, Wenzui Jin, Jinguang Cai, Jianfeng Ye, Zhenhu Li, Yurong Ma, Jinglin Xie, Limin Qi,* ¡°Shape- and size-controlled synthesis of uniform anatase TiO2 nanocuboids enclosed by active {100} and {001} facets¡±, Adv. Funct. Mater. 2011, 21, 3554.
  9. Limin Qi, ¡°Colloidal chemical approaches to inorganic micro- and nanostructures with controlled morphologies and patterns¡±, Coord. Chem. Rev. 2010, 254, 1054.
  10. Teng Huang, Qiang Zhao, Junyan Xiao, Limin Qi,* ¡°Controllable self-assembly of PbS nanostars into ordered structures: close-packed arrays and patterned arrays¡±, ACS Nano 2010, 4, 4707.

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