Peking University is among the first institutions of higher learning in China where comprehensive polymer teaching and research has been successfully carried out. During the past 55 years or so, a solid foundation has been formed under the direction of renowned polymer scholars such as Academicians and Professors Xin-De Feng and Qi-Feng Zhou, thus enabling Peking University to become one of the most important polymer teaching and research bases in China. With an emphasis on both fundamental and applied research, the PKU polymer scholars have contributed greatly to the fields of polymer chemistry and physics, including new polymer synthesis, liquid crystalline polymers, biomacromolecules, dendrimers and dendritic polymers, optoelectronic materials and devices, etc. In recent years, the teaching and research of polymer science has also improved greatly, especially with the addition of Cheung Kong Scholar, Professor Stephen Z. D. Cheng and Professor Wayne Z. Y. Wang into the polymer faculty in the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering.

    The Department of Polymer Science and Engineering of Peking University currently has 11 faculty members and 70 graduate students and more than 80 Master and PhD students have graduated within the past 5 years. Professor Xinhua Wan is the department head. The department encourages and promotes nationwide and international cooperation and exchange with universities and industries throughout the world.